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What Depression, Fluorescent Sneakers, and Craft Beer Have in Common

Bomber Guys Add

What do Depression, Fluorescent Sneakers, and Craft Beer have in common?

Standing Out.

From the very beginning, Ceramic Decorating Co. Inc., has stood out from the crowd, and now we offer you the opportunity to have your craft beer stand out from the thousands of others on the shelf.

Depression (No, we’re not depressed . . . we’re pumped!)

Even in the throes of the Great Depression, Ceramic was known for  integrity, character, and a willingness to put customers first. This set us apart in business then, and it sets us apart in business know. However, it wasn’t just our business model that made us stand out during the dark days of economic failure . . . it was our success. Due to our unwavering commitment to excelling at what we do and our dedication to give our customers the very best, we achieved success despite the poor economy. Today, we continue to grow and stand out in the marketplace for the same reasons.

Taking Fluorescent To a Whole New Level

Then, there’s the fluorescent outfits we wore to the craft beer expo. You know, here at Ceramic one of our core values is to Create fun and Just a bit of Wackiness. You can always expect us to do our best and provide you with a high-quality product . . . but . . . our Tribe also loves the unexpected. What can we say . . . when it comes to standing out, we go big or go home.

During the 80+ years Ceramic has been in business, we’ve become experts at standing out and reaching above the status quo.

What’s Stopping YOU from Standing Out?

Do you want some of that? Do you want everybody to recognize your beer as the stand-alone, set-apart, high-quality, original?

Let us do some of our magic.

See, we stand out as a company because of your product. When we do whatever needs to happen to get from A to Z and make your bottle pop, you stand out. And when you stand out, so do we.

Since your craft beer rocks, make sure your bottle does too.

Shoot us your artwork, or take a peek at our gallery and see if those smashing photos don’t prove us right.

~Team Ceramic