Applied Color Labels (ACL)

You went to a ton of trouble to create the perfect brew.  Now you want to sell more of it. If your customer would just give it a shot, they would fall in love.  Let us make your hard work stand out with an Applied Color Label.

An ACL label is an awesome alternative to paper labels, pressure sensitive labels, or just handwriting your name on a keg.  It accomplishes the goal of having your customer say…WOW! That looks cool, reaching out their hand and grabbing one…just to take a look! Then, they might as well give it a try. They probably will want to keep the bottle…it really has happened!  

An applied color label has also been called Applied Ceramic Label …get it…”Ceramic” Decorating Company?  Now you know why we have such a strange name.  We have been doing this longer than anyone on the west coast by 4 or 5 decades, and that is what it was called way back then. 

Both terms refer to a screen printed label directly printed on glass ( 12 oz. beer bottles, 22 oz. beer bottles, pints, growlers, beer glasses, barware, etc…) with colors/pigments that are mixed, in ground up glass called frit, and then fired on at a very high temperature…like 1200 degrees F!    Don’t touch that!

The look is priceless and automatically sets you apart from the masses. Who wants to be associated with them anyway?

We can take your current design and show you a wham-bam-bang-up job of how it would look in an Applied Color Label….all you have to do is ask.

So maybe you are committed to your paper label look at the moment (we really don’t hold that against you), why don’t you let us print up some seasonal beers or specialty beers, or pint glasses for some upcoming exciting event….not saying you have to, just would be a lot more fun than us sitting here ….waiting…doing nothing?