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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Want to know more about this premium labeling process? We thought so! That's why we stashed the answers to your questions right here.

Do you sell beer bottles?
Sure do!  What kind are you after? 12 oz.? 22 oz.? Amber? Flint?

Do you sell growlers?
We have a few “growlers” working for us . . . and we would love to sell them! Just kidding. We love all our Team Members. Yes, we do sell growler glass and would love to give you a quote.

What is your Masterpiece Creation Process?
Our Masterpiece Creation Process is our unique way of letting you experience all the wonder and glory of your design screen printed on your glassware at a try-before-you-buy price.  Check out our Masterpiece Creation Process™ for more info.

How many colors can I use?
We have state of the art eight-color, automatic, screen printing machines . . . so guess eight colors is the max. We find most folks are able to do a bang up job with two, three or four colors creatively applied to a bottle. If you are talking about decals . . . well, that is a whole other story. We can do as many as it takes to get the job done.  It’s just a matter of how much coin you want to spend. The best bet here is to show us your design and we can talk through your options.

Are there any colors I can’t use?
NO! Technology has allowed us the freedom to get virtually every color on the planet! If you need a high fired (Applied Color Label) then certain extremely bright colors may be unattainable . . . but using one of our technologies we can usually we find something that makes your heart sing!

Can I do real metallic gold or silver?
Yes! But you better be loaded! (As in rich!) That stuff is made out of real gold and silver/platinum and is quite costly. That being said, in the right market, a screen printed metallic looks like a million bucks . . . guess that makes sense.

Can you print the neck label also?
Why not? Our machines seem to think it is no problem. So bring it on! Multiple color necks can get a bit tricky, but talk to us. We want you to love what you get.

How does the process work?
Very simple.  Your glass arrives here. We create an order, films and screens, and set up a machine and either print decals and apply them to your glassware or screen print our applied color labels directly to your bottles (pint glasses, growlers, whatever). Then, we fire them in our ovens at about 1200 degrees fahrenheit to securely adhere the label to the glass. Finally, we ship the finished product to the location of your choice. So easy. So simple. So pain free. So absolutely beautiful!

Does this cost way more than a paper label?
Yes! We never said we were cheap!  They say the best things in life are free but we both know they were not talking about your beer or our premium screen printed labels!  However, in all seriousness, when you look at costs of labels, application, cleaning, managing, dealing with, etc. . . . we truly believe we are a very cost effective way to market your product. All we can really say to this is . . . try us. Let us give you a quote to screen print your bottles or glassware, then you decide what the value is.

What is Prop 65?
Prop 65 is a California proposition that requires warnings if certain chemicals known the state of California that cause cancer (like, thousands) are present in a product or the packaging of that product that is being sold in California.

For many years (since the 1930’s at least) ceramic colors contained lead and cadmium (heavy metals) which are on that list. Since 2005 Ceramic Decorating Company has been lead free. That being said, some of the colors we use today do contain varying amounts of cadmium. So, depending on the colors you request, we  may inform you that the color you have chosen does indeed contain cadmium and it will be up to you to properly comply with California’s Prop 65 should it effect you.

How long does it take to get my order?
Depends. How many truck loads of millions are we doing for you? Most orders can be completed and shipped in two to three weeks.  If you are in a jam, let us know.  If it is a few cases of screen printed pints . . . well, often we will ship in under a week.

What are your minimums?
ONE! It will just be very expensive! For 12 oz. bottles, 22 oz. bottles, and growlers one pallet is our minimum. If you are talking pints or other glassware typically two cases is our minimum.

How big can I print on the bottle or glass?
Please check out our Screen Printing Guidelines.

What is a decal?
Simply a screen printed design printed directly onto paper instead of the bottle itself. When soaked in water, the decal color slides off the paper and onto your glassware where it is fired. Guess what? The finished product looks exactly as if it were screen printed directly to the glass!  Decals allow us to print trickier designs, more colors, tighter registration, 4-color-process type work, and apply it to glass. It also allows us to print your designs in a higher quantity, apply just a couple cases, and hold the rest for future orders. Very cool. See our Decal Program.

Does firing the glass change it or make it weaker?
Good question. Seems like it would, but NO, it does not weaken or affect the glass IF it is fired correctly. The good news is, since we’ve fired screen printed bottles and glassware since 1934 . . . we do know how to do it correctly. In fact, for many years we have fired glassware that local glass manufactures messed up in their manufacturing process! They’ve us the glass to us to re-fire and make it right. Good firing of glass actually makes it stronger . . . seriously. Wow!

How do I send you art?
Real easy. Check out our Art Design Guidelines.

How does the glass get to you?
If you already have a glass supplier, packaging company, or other source for your glassware, contact us and let us know what you are sending and when it will arrive. If we are selling you the glass, we will pull from inventory or have it shipped to us from our suppliers in time to fill your order.

Can I get terms?
You can have two terms, maybe . . . if you run for president and win twice . . . or you can fill out a credit application and send it to us. If you have better credit than the federal government we will consider it.

Do you accept credit cards?
On small orders we require it. On larger screen printed orders, 5,000+ pieces, we prefer a check.

Do you offer UV screen printing?
Yes we do! We would be happy to provide you with a Masterpiece Creation Process using UV colors. Organic, bright, and beautiful.

Can you frost or acid etch the bottles?
Absolutely! Show us what you are after and we can make it happen.

Can you print gradients?
Yes. When screen printing gradients directly to the glass they are produced as halftones. We can achieve even better gradients with decal printing.  Upon receiving your artwork we can determine what is the best way to achieve your goal.

Do all inks have Cadmium and/or Lead?
No! In fact ALL of our colors are LEAD FREE; just a few colors contain Cadmium.  We will inform you if the color you request requires Cadmium. We also offer other printing technologies such as solvent based organics and UV printing which have zero Cadmium.

Do I need a Prop. 65 Warning Label?
Most everything we print is able to be sold without any warnings at all. If you are not selling in California, you do not need a warning.  That being said, if you require a bright red, yellow, orange, etc. and sell in California, we recommend you ask your own legal counsel.  Or Google “California Prop 65.” Should be some fun reading.

How durable is the printing?
We have several printing technologies and the durability of each process is different. Compared to most other labeling types available, ceramic applied labeling or direct screen printed labels on glass are the most durable out there. For one way packaging, it’s a slam dunk. Zero issues. If you are doing glassware that needs 350-cycles-in-commercial-dishwasher-applications, we have you covered. Should you need more than that we don’t know what to tell you. (What on earth are you using that glass for anyways?)

What type of Files can I send to Ceramic?
See our Art Design Guidelines