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Art & Design Guidelines

Alright! We are equally as excited to get started with your new project(s). The below notes will help us expedite your art files for an even quicker turn around.

Thank you again for your continued support and interest!

The following are acceptable file types to submit to Ceramic Decorating Co.:

  • Adobe InDesign (.ind) Please include all linked or placed artwork and fonts.
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Please include all linked or placed artwork and fonts.
  • EPS Files (.eps)
  • TIFF (.tif, .tiff). Please convert your image to Bitmap mode.

Typesetting in Photoshop is not recommended. Please set type in a Vector program such as QuarkXPress, InDesign or Illustrator. Prepare files as specified above. If you cannot produce vector files, please make sure your bitmap images are a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, but 800 dpi is preferred.

Please note: photos with half-tones (grayscale, cmyk, or rgb images) require special consideration for screen printing. Please contact Ceramic Decorating Company if you wish to use such images.

Please make sure to assign a seperate PMS (Pantone) color or Ceramic Decorating Co. House Ink for each color you are using. Do not specify colors such as cmyk, rgb or screen/tints (values less than 100%). Also, please make sure the artwork is actual size (100%).

Email your files along with a PDF proof of your artwork to, or use our upload form. Please be sure your proof contains notes such as: trim/crop marks, key lines or any other special instructions for printing that Ceramic Decorating Co. should be aware of.